It is a rare parent or teacher who would deny the value of touch, touch that assures a child of caring and security.  A hand on the shoulder, a pat on the back, a hug, these are part and parcel of healthy child development. Many are also aware of the growing body of scientific research that confirms how and why touch is so necessary to human development and well being.
In short trainings for parents and teachers, Peaceful Touch brings together scientific research, intuitive knowledge of the value of touch, and some simple techniques of Swedish massage.  The trainings are hands-on, and participants learn:

  • Touch techniques for use in many contexts including games and storytelling
  • A basic knowledge of the physiology of touch
  • A simple permission process that helps define the boundaries of healthy touch for both children and adults

For more than fifteen years Peaceful Touch has been a staple of Swedish early childhood education. Both parents and teachers report a wide set of results including:

  • Decrease in aggression
  • Improved concentration
  • Greater empathy for peers

Wherever Peaceful Touch has been introduced, children, parents and teachers all benefit. We invite you to explore the history, practice, testimonials and research on this website.

Welcome to Peaceful Touch!